“Nice girls fed me cookies and gently encouraged me to ask for what I want. It was very scary.”

“It was exciting, it was laid back, and gorgeous topless girls fed me cookies. I honestly couldn’t have imagined having a better time.”

“Girl pile is the most fun I’ve had in or out of clothes—and that’s saying something!”

“I fucked this girl, and she screamed, like, a lot. It was awesome.”

“Tits to the wall!”

“I kept looking around and saying ‘that’s right…this is real’.”

“Was that you over there in that pile getting fisted? I couldn’t tell.”

“Girl pile was very informative. Turns out I’m a little gay.”

“My favorite part was watching a woman cum for three hours. And the cookies. And the naked girls. It was all my favorite part, really.”

“I won Hitachi races three times in a row!”

“[Thwack] it smells like hot cookies! [Thwack] fuck yeah! [Thwack!!]”

“Sex party rules of conduct:

Consent, consent, and

please bring a baked good to share

with everyone.”

“It’s 11:35 – time for the reading of the Cherry Book!” “OMG yes! There’s even closure at this orgy!”

“10/10 would recommend to a friend. So sex. Much girls. Wow.”

“Dreamest Dreamy Dreamboat!!! Glitter! Rainbows! Vibrators!”

“A++ would be on fire again.”

“I overcame my fear of baking!”

“I never thought this would be the place I meet 2 other queer Equadorians.”


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