Q. how do i get an invite to girlpile?
A. hit on a girl. if it’s me, i’ll invite you.

Q. i was invited! how do i get details?
A. from the girl who invited you! at the pile you’ll be able to sign up for the invite list.

Q. can you help me get laid? how do i get laid?
A. try the classic girlpile pickup line: “so, have you heard of ‘girlpile’?” if she has, you’ll get an invite, and we’ll see you soon! if not, invite her and another girl you want to fuck to your bed and have an awesome sex party of your own. (see below and dos and don’ts for more info on how to do this.)

Q. who’s invited to girlpile?
A. friends of friends. and their friends. and their lovers. and their friends. it’s a very special kind of social networking.

Q. why did you start girlpile? really. why did you really start it?
A. boobies.

Q. i sleep with men sometimes. can i come to girlpile?
A. yes.

Q. i am a man sometimes. can i still come?
A. yes.

Q. wait, so what’s your gender policy?
A. girlpile is for girls. for the purposes of girlpile, “girl” is a broadly defined term meaning anyone who ever self-identifies as such. it includes grown-ups who prefer a word that starts with “w.” it hella includes trans women. non-binary and genderqueer folks are also welcome. if you think a sex party called “girlpile” should include you, you’re invited.

Q. but what if i’m, like, masculine?
A. men don’t have a monopoly on masculinity. like most women’s spaces, girlpile is not a masculinity-free zone. (if you want one of those, start a femme pile! i’d totally come.)

Q. i used to go to girlpiles and it was awesome but now i’m a man all the time and i don’t think i should go anymore but i miss it. what can i do?
A. host a sex party of your own! you can invite whomever you want. you might even be able to host it in my bed; let’s chat.

Q. i was at a girlpile, and there was this weird boy there, all, like, going through your fridge. what’s up with that?
A. that’s my roommate! you’re in his house, so thank him kindly for his hospitality and offer the man a cookie.

Q. i want to contribute! what should i bring?
A. lube, latex, fancy sodas, strawberries, donation dollars, your favorite cookie ingredients, your imagination!

Q. can i bring some wine or smoke to loosen folks up?
A. no thanks. parties come in all flavors, and this one’s sober; we have a lot of Sober folks who look forward to the (rare) sober sexy-space.

Q. but i’m nervous! (and i want to peer at girls bashfully from behind a glass!)
A. great! girls are cute when they blush nervously. (and we have plenty of fancy sodas to fill that glass for you!)

Q. ok, so i think i want to go to girlpile but i’m not sure if i’m comfortable having sex in a pile of girls. what should i do?
A. help bake cookies! or come dressed in an elaborate outfit and ask 10 different ladies to unwrap you, or stand in the corner and hand out lube and strawberries!

Q. i’m into really heavy bdsm. if i do that at girlpile won’t girls be scared?
A. maybe, but even if they are that’s not your problem. bring it!

Q. are you some kind of kinky pervert?
A. yes.

Q. who started girlpile? and where is it?
A. we’re not telling.

Q. why not?
A. we don’t want ten thousand people at girlpile, they wouldn’t fit in the bed.